Hi, I’m Michelle I. Martin

a Shaman and Spiritual Healer and Whisperer, Life Coach and Mentor, Kambo Practitioner, Advanced NLP Therapist, Hynotherapist, Herbalist, Firewalking Instructor and much more...
Empowering people to take back control of their outcomes.

World traveller and experienced shaman and spiritual healer. Initiated in various rites, magicks and many healing modalities. 

Passionate about balancing the mind, body and spirit. Enjoys working with the body's natural medicine wheel to reduce and overcome dis-ease that permeates from all areas of our life's.
Michelle's quotes

If you want to predict your future, look at your current thoughts and behaviours.

Freedom begins and ends in your mind.

A positive perspective changes more than just your perspective.

If it doesn't help you to grow, then let it go!

Carry your scars with you and wear them proudly...but not your wounds.

Healing begins on the inside. We heal from the inside out.

You are only as well as your mind. Keep it positive and healthy.

Spiritual Healing

Sacred Womb Healing & 13th Womb Rite

Munay-Ki Rites



NLP & Hypnotherapy

And much more...

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Based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom