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I work with people at all levels from beginners to advanced coaches, from personal mentoring to healing, to recoding and developing the light body. I carry out a comprehe...
Shamanic Healing & Coaching
1 hr 30 min

I am an experienced spiritual healer who will work with you on all levels to balance your energies and restore your inner equilibrium. I am an eclectic in my practices and I draw from many traditions and healing modalities. I work intuitively as there is no one size fits all, so all healing sessions are tailored to your individual needs. All sessions are discreet and work remains confidential at all times. I have clients from all different types of backgrounds. Your session will include a consultation and healing. Please see a few of my recent Testimonials.


As well as healing sessions, I also run spiritual workshops and coaching sessions for people. Contact me for more information.

Sessions are with an experienced Shamanic and spiritual healer.

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