Spirit photos and videos

Just for fun.... shaman michelle martin 

I have spent many years capturing Orbs for want of a better word (not dust particles or lens flares in these cases) and other spirit phenomena. I wanted to see if there was an intelligence behind them, so I would speak to them. I have some photos and videos where I have asked them to do something for a friend and they have responded. This shows me that there is an intelligence behind these energies.

I have captured images in both 'orb' type form and also in fires too. Some are a little blurry as I have zoomed in close to have a better look.

Here are just a few...enjoy browsing them. It is great if you are able to slow down the videos when viewing them. I use my iPad which is great and I can drag the video along slowly which allows you to really enjoy them as they appear and disappear.

I hope you are able to enlarge some of these on whatever you view them on. I understand dust, lens flare etc...but some of these don't quite fall under these, especially the ones that engage actively with me. I am not here to convince you either....just sharing what I capture and how I interpret them. You may see more....or less. Whatever it ends up being, just enjoy your time here. I am an experienced Shamanic and spiritual healer.

Taipei, Taiwan - Taken on my iPad in my hotel room. Local energies came to say hello!

Sekhmet's small temple in Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt - Orb storm

Ireland - The night after my Sister Ainsley passed away - She came to say goodbye. I filmed her same energy earlier in the day and then she came back to say goodbye. I have also taken some stills from this video, the energy is incredible.

Staying in a little straw and mud hut in Lewes, United Kingdom

The running commentary is for my children as I was showing them where I was staying when some orbs came to visit.

Taken in my back garden

This was an interesting orb, I had to screen shot it to slow it down so you can see it changing. This one was carrying lots of spirits and the faces keep changing inside. I have also taken some still shots for you to view.

Coloured orbs taken over the years, different colours, shapes and sizes, some in flight.

Asking the spirit orbs to come down and land on me years ago

More more spirit energies in my home and garden. The longer shape at the end is Nefertiti, she is a little harder to see

Inside the Main Pyramid, Giza Plateau, Egypt

In the Giza Plateau desert with my Bedouin friends, Egypt

The energy around the Sphinx made it hard to take clear photos and it was constantly changing. Please note that the Sphinx is huge...so these energy forms are huge.

A few images captured in my sacred fires

Face peaking out on the right-hand side

A horse head at the top of the flames

An animal / bear face

in the middle

A raccoon type animal

Some magical being peeking out on the left-hand side, with side profile.

A couple of skulls, one in the centre and one nearer the top. There a no filters used...look at the grass and background

Just a few randoms

Just a few randoms

This was a tiny white concentric circle on my skin....I transposed it to a negative image and this is what clearly shows

Aura from a cracked bird egg shell. Look at the surrounding grass which is normal. My camera was facing downwards in natural day light

An clockwise energy spiral captured in my Sister's healing room...a little vortex! Look where the spiral tail is at the bottom

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