A few shown below, copied verbatim from my recommendations page


I met Michelle through a very dear friend whilst going through the toughest period of my life. In one session my life has utterly turned around. She is empowering, strong, a phenomenal healer, shaman and her intuition and gifts are beyond this world. She has changed my life. I have completed my first Firewalk with her which was one of the best days of my life! I am also looking forward to joining her on a Fire course this summer. This lady is an utter angel, her energy, intentions and assistance in helping her clients regain balance and inner knowledge is beyond invaluable. I can’t recommend her enough xxx Jessica Taylor

I worked with Michelle recently for the first time in shamanic healing. Her gentle and caring demeanour put me at ease from the outset. Michelle encompassed all aspects of my life to give the best overall treatment. Prior to the treatment I was in a healing crisis and following that one treatment peace and calm was restored to my mind & body. Thanks Michelle ♥️ Jaki Healy

I recently attended a Meditation and Journey Workshop and WOW!! I was welcomed into the small group and given a thorough "sage body smudge" by Michelle while she explained it was to clear my auras, offered a drink, then assured that we were all in a protected environment and, once settled into our seats, the workshop began ...A relaxed, unhurried introduction and the invitation to question anything at any time so...We experienced three different breathing techniques and told the history of how each had been developed, then guided through fascinating mediations.......seeing through an animal's eyes, taken on the journey to Meet The Bear !! ...Then an actual out of body experience, all the while feeling totally safe in Michelle's guidance. The Drumming was something else, which seemed to pulsate in my upper spine!! We seemed to experience SO much, although the course seemed timeless, yet perfectly timed! I left full of awe for Michelle's knowledge, and feeling completely relaxed from our experiences.....and the benefits of all the "unloading" continued for several days... with me being physically taller-the drumming had released a "knot" in my upper spine and base of neck. 🌟Thankyou Michelle, I came away feeling I owed you so much more than the modest exchange you quoted 💫😇 xx Anita White

Michelle really helped me to feel at ease and helped me gain wisdoms that are still working their magic with me now. I feel so better in a real and wholesome way and more confident within myself. Since my sesh, I have actually been able to stop smoking without another addiction replacing it. Been wanting/trying to stop for about 4-5 years. Can not say enough good on all levels, about what Michelle does and how well she does it. A truly beautiful, humble and powerful Warrior and healer. Am very grateful, and honoured. Thank you Michelle ♥️ Heidi Parfrey

Going to see Michelle at SenseAbel was a god send. I arrived feeling fractured, emotional and grieving after a loss. Michelle listened to everything I had to say, she did her thing and I left feeling like a completely different person. She validated things I have known without me mentioning them and there was absolutely no judgement. Full of love, knowledge and truth Michelle is the only Shaman I will ever visit for healing or to walk down that path. She is the real deal. Silver Lone Wolf

Michelle is wonderful. So giving, kind, non-judgemental and has supported me on a journey that I cannot express. Thank you x Dina Ramadan

Thank you for a great session Michelle. You always make me feel at ease which allows me to open and look deeply into myself and address what has to be faced. I am not usually good with that kind of thing but you create a space to allow that to just happen naturally. And you work without judgement just love and support!!! I have been to see you for a few different reasons over time and I know I will be back again. I cannot recommend you enough. Thank you!!! 💖 Anita Smith